No Buy – Day Three

I didn’t spend a dime today. Go me!

But, I wanted to. Desperately. I had even logged into my Stitch Fix account to schedule a fix. I got to that last page and saw that “Save” button, date selected… and hesitated. I don’t even need anything. Yeah, the $20 styling fee may not seem like much to people, but the cost of each item in the box? The entire box? Could be upwards of $200, if I wanted to keep it all. That would’ve killed any semblance of a budget I have (or trying to have). So, I closed out of the Stitch Fix app and pushed my phone away. I felt a small tick show up in my Win Column. I’ll take what I can get, ya know?

There’s makeup coming out that I want, too. Need? No. Want? Yes. So. Much. Please and thank you. I don’t know if I’ll be able to resist, but I suppose it will ultimately come down to the final price of the items. Prices can scare me off pretty quickly, but deep down, I don’t know if I should be hoping for a high price or a lower, more affordable price I can pull off.

It’s weird, though. Tomorrow’s pay day, and I still have money left. More than I’d expected to have, too. I didn’t go out and blow the last little bit. Granted, I also know I have bills coming due and I need to make sure I have enough to cover the necessities, but that doesn’t matter! Again, another notch showed up in my Win Column for the day.

Despite those wins, all I can seem to think about is, “What can I buy?” “Do I need anything? Want anything?” This is why I have the debt I do, why I needed to go on this self-imposed No Buy this year. Now, I’m not saying I won’t amend the rules to make them work better for me as time goes on. What I am saying, however, is that as slow and difficult as it may seem, I just might make it through this.

No Buy – Day Three