It Takes Death To Reach A Star – Review!

It Takes Death To Reach A StarIt Takes Death To Reach A Star by Stu Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unexpected Greatness

This was an unexpired delight. I went in, reading slowly chapter by chapter, letting the world of this story create itself in my mind, and the characters unfurl from the pages.

There’s a depth to Mila, the main protagonist, that makes her incredibly like able. She’s beyond tough but exudes incredible warmth and charm. Demitri, the other protagonist, is equally enthralling. You want to feel sorry for him and his predicament but you’re also waiting to see exactly what his role will be. He flips between incredibly useful to Mila to a level of burden, making you want to scream at him to just toughen up.

The story itself is filled with amazingly well-written action scenes and even more incredibly inspiring character-building moments. The twists aren’t wholly unexpected but they are done so well and creatively that you’re still left with your mouth gaping open at the scene on the page.

I would highly recommend this book for anyone who likes dystopian-inspired stories, has a desire for a strong female protagonist that doesn’t immediately (or ever) swoon and fall for the male protagonist, and needs action that pushes the story forward and isn’t just to fill pages.

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It Takes Death To Reach A Star – Review!