No Buy – Day Two

I actually returned a couple of items today. I just HAD to go and buy Ant-Man last week, KNOWING I didn’t already have it. Well, guess what? Did some cleaning and organizing of my DVD collection (the ones on the stand beneath my television), and low and behold… I already had it. So, RETURNED.

I also found a second, still-sealed Season 6 of The Walking Dead series. I already have this, too. I honestly don’t know where I got the duplicate from, but Walmart took it back. Yay!

I did end up buying something, though. Groceries. Four cans of coconut milk for making some Coquito (soon). It was the last of the ingredients still needed to make this second batch. I almost walked back to the Electronics Department to buy Season 8 of The Walking Dead or Black Panther, but I resisted and bee-lined it for the grocery part of the store. Kind of proud of myself, to be honest.

(Sorry for the late post for 1/2/2019, but TIRED.)

No Buy – Day Two

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